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API RP 14G-2007



Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and Control on Fixed Open-type Offshore Production Platforms, Fourth Edition
Edition: 4th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Apr-2007 /脗聽50 pages
For many years, the petroleum industry has prepared documents representing the knowledge and experience of industry on various phases of oil and gas producing operations. In a continuation of this effort, this RP presents guidance for minimizing the possibility of accidental fires and for designing, inspecting, and maintaining the fire control systems on open type offshore platforms. Application of these practices, combined with proper design, operation, and maintenance of the entire production facility can provide
adequate protection from the threat of fire.
This publication presents recommendations for minimizing the likelihood of having an accidental fire, and for designing, inspecting, and maintaining fire control systems. It emphasizes the need to train personnel in fire fighting, to conduct routine drills, and
to establish methods and procedures for safe evacuation. The fire control systems discussed in this publication are intended to provide an early response to incipient fires to prevent their growth. However, this discussion is not intended to preclude the application
of more extensive practices to meet special situations or the substitution of other systems which will provide an equivalent or greater level of protection.
This publication is applicable to fixed open-type offshore production platforms which are generally installed in moderate climates and which have sufficient natural ventilation to minimize the accumulation of vapors. Enclosed areas, such as quarters buildings and equipment enclosures, normally installed on this type platform, are addressed.Totally enclosed platforms installed for extreme weather conditions or other reasons are beyond the scope of this RP.

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