Does your company have a cybersecurity strategy? Is it any good?

Just take this rapid, multiple choice survey and convey to us about your firm’s cybersecurity techniques for the impending year.

October isn’t just known for Halloween and pumpkin-spiced beverages. It really is also Cybersecurity Recognition Month. There is certainly no greater time than the existing to possibly update or master about your firm’s cybersecurity tactic. 

Has COVID-19 afflicted your organization’s cybersecurity strategies? What supply chain cybersecurity steps has your organization implemented or will employ in the up coming 12 months? We want to know!

TechRepublic High quality is conducting an online cybersecurity technique study to obtain out.

Consider the cybersecurity technique survey right now!
If you are familiar with your organization’s cybersecurity measures we want to listen to from you. Who is dependable for your company’s cybersecurity system? What new methods has your firm extra? What modern technology do you concern implementing the most, simply because of cybersecurity threats? Are you self-confident that your corporation has a strong strategy in put?
Take the cybersecurity approach study and convey to us. The study is made up of 10-12 various selection questions, and a couple demographic inquiries and must acquire much less than 5 minutes to full. Responses will be compiled in an future report.

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Facebook’s outage becomes a boon for other social media startups

Facebook’s outage will become a boon for other social media startups | Fortune

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Why Windows 11’s security is such a big deal

Enterprises are worried about exactly the issues that Windows 11 helps with, and the hardware specs mean future security improvements like more app containers.

Illustration: Lisa Hornung/TechRepublic

The hardware requirements for Windows 11 have led to a lot of debate about exactly what changes in newer PCs and processors; they’ve also led to enterprises thinking about what security features they need in hardware. 

Microsoft’s second Security Signals report shows that enterprise security decision-makers are concerned about the security impact of hybrid work, and they expect PC hardware to help, said Dave Weston, director of OS security at Microsoft.

SEE: Windows 11: Tips on installation, security and more (free PDF) (TechRepublic) 

“On one hand, that is somewhat intuitive because you’re losing Intrusion Detection Systems and some of the network-based analysis and of course the physical protection of being on campus.” But it also underlines that while Windows 10 has the same features for zero-trust security approaches that are built into Windows 11, they haven’t been adopted broadly because people just don’t turn them on. 

“We have virtualization-based security, we have many things that can help the folks who are trying to protect the hybrid work environment, but it’s not on by default, it’s difficult to configure, there are performance issues … . Maybe naively, we said at the start of Windows 10 we’ll just put all this great stuff in and customers will run and turn on the group policies for these. With Windows 11, we’re starting off in a very different position; we’re only giving ourselves credit for the security value when it’s on by default,” Weston said.

“We’re calling Windows 11 a ‘zero-trust-ready’ operating system and that means more of those things that you used to have to push yourself as an IT person—maybe doing security and IT and wearing many hats—are just on by default.” (Although if you’re upgrading PCs, you will still have to turn these features on yourself.)

“With Windows 11, conditional access, System Guard, runtime attestation—I’m really excited by the effect having more prevention on by default [on new PCs] is going to have on these customers,” he said. 

“I didn’t go and create a bunch of new Guards and other things in the operating system; I focused on the performance, reliability and compatibility aspects of enabling those features by default.” 

Ready to refresh

Having those features on by default without any of those concerns also relies on the new hardware requirements for Windows 11, and that’s something the survey suggests enterprises actually want. 


What security professionals tell Microsoft about hardware and security.

Image: Microsoft

Eighty-six percent think outdated hardware leaves their organization mode open to attack (and said almost a third of their hardware counts as outdated); 80% say software protection alone isn’t enough, and almost 90% say modern hardware will help protect them from future threats. That’s quite a change in attitude, Weston told us.

“There has been a big emphasis on buying endpoint detection and response, buying SIEMs, doing [threat] hunting and so on. And so to see the security responders come back and say  ‘we need hardware’ is really interesting.” 

Talking to Microsoft customers in more depth led Weston to believe the sheer volume of threats is behind the interest in hardware for security. “What I’m hearing is just given the voracity of attackers out there and the threat landscape, detection is working great; but maybe few companies can really staff the folks that would be necessary to investigate and remediate every one of those issues. So what we’re starting to see is a pattern back to good old prevention; the more we can reduce the funnel, the better we can action and remediate [those threats].”

Based on telemetry from Windows Insiders trying out Windows 11, Weston said a lot of PCs are ready to run these hardware-based security protections, and in many cases you won’t notice they’re running.

SEE: Windows 11: Understanding the system requirements and the security benefits (TechRepublic) 

“[We saw] an incredibly high percentage of hardware requirements being met, even though it was optional, which I think is telling given the size of our insider population and the variety [of devices]. The hardware requirements have obviously impacted some folks but there are many, many, many folks who can continue to run on the Insider program without issues. A very high percentage of TPM usage and some of the other key hardware. Again, we have all sorts of regression testing around performance and reliability, and the numbers have been what we expected. No significant regressions, no major issues, no NPS [Net Promotor Score] issues. It’s been fairly transparent and a non issue, which is to me the gold standard: when I raise the bar in security and people don’t even know it’s there.”

Not all enterprises join the Windows Insider program so it’s possible commercial environments aren’t well-reflected in those numbers and they will find the security defaults more disruptive. There’s a new in-depth guide to the security architecture of Windows 11 to help them, but application testing may also be key for commercial adoption, especially as the Windows team starts to build security on top of the new baseline. 

“Many of the things I want to do around credentials will require people I think to do a little more testing: if you leverage old smartcard drivers and you move that into virtualization-based security and isolate it, there will be more test cases that need to happen.”

Some of that testing can be done on Microsoft’s Test Base service and Windows 365; this will soon take advantage of the new ‘trusted launch’ virtual machines on Azure which he calls “essentially secured-core VMs” with virtual TPMs and virtualization based security features like Credential Guard.


The full span of Windows 11 security.

Image: Microsoft

Containing the problem

Hardware-based security will help defenders today but the successes of the Insider program suggest it also puts Windows 11 in a good position to add more features, starting with the promised Android app support, which relies on virtualization.

“Virtualization can introduce problems particularly on older hardware. The [hardware] floor that we have today I think really sets us up to have an excellent experience there. It’s not just things like Mode-Based Execution Control; there are many architectural improvements from Eighthth Generation processors and up.”

Further down the line, virtualization will be able to protect applications more by running them in individual Krypton containers—a feature Microsoft announced for what was going to be Windows 10X but hasn’t yet built into Windows 11. 

Enterprise users are already adopting similar security features like Windows Defender Application Guard for Edge and Office, Weston said, especially with the increase in zero-day exploits for browsers. “We’re seeing a lot of folks gravitate to that. On the commercial side, that’s setting us up to increase support for a [wider] variety of applications.”

SEE: Windows evolves: Windows 11, and the future of Windows 10 (TechRepublic) 

Those features aren’t aimed at consumer users but Weston said Microsoft has been surprised by how many people have been using the Windows Sandbox feature to isolate applications. “Originally the viewpoint was that this is a great enterprise technology. It’s obviously optimised for security and so sometimes there’s trade-offs in experience. The perception was that consumers would not be interested in that, and the data tells a different story. There’s huge engagement on Sandbox, so that’s really energising us to do similar things in the future. And obviously with Windows 11 having that good hardware baseline and good performance around virtualization, it makes it even more enticing to go and innovate in that space.”

“It’s really captured our imagination on things we can do in Windows 11 in the future with exposing more of these scenarios to consumers.”

From the developer side, Kevin Gallo, CVP of the Windows Developer Platform, told us that getting application containers right will be key in getting developer adoption. “There’s a balance [to strike]; if you put too much security on a container you break functionality, if you don’t have one, apps aren’t contained so one app can affect the other, so if one app gets malware, then all of a sudden every app can get it. So, we have a strong belief that containerization is a good thing.” 

The UWP app container isn’t part of the Windows App SDK yet because Gallo notes wryly that “there were parts that were loved, and there were parts that were not loved.” He predicts that the future app container model will have some flexibility in the tradeoff between functionality and security, probably with several different security settings, but those haven’t yet been decided on. Expect to see preview versions for IT and developers to give feedback on so that containerization is easy, but doesn’t get in their way. “What we’ve learned is if it doesn’t work for developers, they just won’t adopt it.”

Plugging in Pluton

The Windows 11 requirements include a TPM; in future hardware, that will include Microsoft’s own Pluton security hardware. Weston wouldn’t confirm when PCs with Pluton will launch beyond saying “very soon” and “in the Windows 11 ship timeframe.” 

Windows 11 secure boot fully mitigates current attacks like the UEFI bootkit Kapseprsky recently found in the FinFisher spyware. “Going into early boot is a natural progression for attackers who are trying to evade more visibility and more prevalence of endpoint agents; we saw that in attacks like SolarWinds. Windows 11 is in a really strong position to help with that.”

But Pluton will be important for mitigating future attacks. “The best way to get yourself out of a crisis situation is to hit it off before it happens,” he explained.

“Our perspective has always been, we’ve got to get early boot and that foundation solid otherwise really bad things happen like bootkits turn off Windows Defender, attackers get in and they go invisible. Part of our job is getting that system integrated [so we] make sure the [security] agents have solid footing and they can’t be tampered with.”

Another side effect of the Windows 11 hardware specification has been to show that even PCs with TPMs built in haven’t always been using them to protect the system. And not having had TPMs turned on means they may not have been as widely battle-tested as the security community expected. “As we force more people to turn on a TPM, I think that the TPM will become a more critical path in terms of fundamentals: can it be updated, is it available, is it reliable? We’re seeing in telemetry that as TPMS get used, more of their functionalities expose some of the limitations. That’s where Pluton steps in.

“Pluton does many things; it’s a pretty great Swiss Army knife for security, but its major function is to make TPMs super available and super reliable.” And that means future security features will be built on a secure foundation all the way down to the hardware.

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The Ultimate Medium-Length Haircuts Gallery For Men: 2021

Not much too very long, not way too short, but just correct. Had Goldilocks found herself in a barbershop fairly than a bear’s dwelling, we can say with some self-assurance that she would’ve opted for a medium-size hairstyle.

Occupying that sweet place between prolonged-and-flowing and cropped-and-conservative, a medium-duration slice lends a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll flair without you routinely being mistaken for a lady from guiding. And now’s the fantastic time to make the leap. Mid-duration styles have been finding their way on to the heads of some of the world’s largest tonsorial trendsetters, even further bolstering their presently-considerable design credentials.

But where by to start out? For many of us raised on shorter-again-and-sides cuts, the mid-length point is new territory. What are the important kinds? How must you model them? And how can you convey the impression in your head to the human being hovering over it with a pair of scissors?

To answer all of the above and far more, we have place almost everything you require to know about medium-duration hairstyles in a single useful area. Search the ideas and our properly-stocked gallery to stage you and your barber in the appropriate route.

Critical Medium-Size Hair Conditions

1st, let us get the barbershop lingo on point. Comprehending these terms will support you refine what it is you basically want. As well as, much less guesswork for the barber is ordinarily a superior matter.


When your stylist cuts chunks of hair in a outlined nonetheless uneven or asymmetrical pattern, this is referred to as remaining ‘choppy’. It’s a technique made use of generally in medium to longer duration hairstyles and is utilised to develop depth and texture.


This a person requirements less translation. A messy lower has been styled to glance rough, tousled or just a very little unkempt. Bed hair, seashore hair… whichever you contact it, it is a well-known way of carrying mid-length locks. You could say it’s perfectly imperfect: a excellent way to insert character to an otherwise uncomplicated reduce.


The taper is a barbering technique most commonly applied in medium-duration hairstyles whereby two different lengths of hair are blended collectively using either clippers, scissors, or a mix of the two. It outcomes in a easy gradation in between prolonged and brief exactly where the back and sides mix into the hair on leading.


Like a taper but shorter and executed using clippers on different quality settings. It’s additional common in shorter types, but provides some drama to mid-duration cuts also. Especially if there is an undercut included.

Taper Fade

Pretty self explanatory. A taper fade is a mixture of a taper and a fade which blends the quite quick hair at the again and sides of the head to much longer hair on leading with no it seeking disconnected.


The undercut has been about for decades but it is also one particular of the standout hair developments of the very last 10 several years. It consists of the again and sides lower limited even though the hair on top of the head is remaining a lot for a longer time. It is generally paired with a taper, but can also be worn disconnected. Talking of which…


When a type is referred to as ‘disconnected’ it implies there are two unique lengths of hair which are not blended together in any way. Shorter at the back and sides, lengthy on prime and no taper or fade for graduating among the two.

Buying A Medium-Duration Hairstyle For Your Encounter Condition

Not each individual deal with satisfies a male-bob. A medium-length hairstyle can make one particular man or woman glance like the King in the North and the next like his jester. To ensure you close up as the former, consider a prolonged, really hard appear in the mirror. Simply because your face shape is important.

Prolonged experience and big forehead? No trouble. Prevent variations wherever the hair is brushed up and back off the deal with and choose rather for a textured style with a fringe. Forgoing the included height will flatter your functions, placing every thing in far better proportion.

For very round faces, the reverse is correct. Lofty cuts with length on top rated, these as brush-ups and messy, tied-back again models will help to equilibrium out a round experience by adding top. For bonus points, maintain things quick and neat and the sides.

Any individual with a coronary heart-shaped faces should really steer clear of just about anything that draws far too considerably consideration to the brow. Alternatively of pompadours and quiffs, go for free, messy models.

As generally, those people blessed with an oval-formed encounter will accommodate quite substantially nearly anything the barber can toss at them, within rationale.

Key Medium-Length Hairstyle Tendencies

Mess Is Best

Wavy, messy, mid-size locks are in, predominantly since Timothée Chalamet is doing it. The seem centres about volume and texture, and performs most effective with thick heads of hair. You can fake it with a hairdryer and a ton of sea salt spray but for best effects, talk to your barber how far your can just take it.

Continue to keep It Unfastened

In the environment of quick hairstyles, the military services-rooted substantial and tight minimize has been having a bit of a moment, with king of hair traits David Beckham leaping on it. Exactly where mid-length hair is worried, on the other hand, it’s all about low and loose. Unfastened curls, loose quiffs, free strands hanging nonchalantly in excess of the brow a la Alex Turner – regardless of what form it requires, it’s constantly achingly amazing and it desires a bit of size to make it perform.

Off Your Encounter

Putting on the hair up and off the facial area is one of the finest strategies to style mid-duration hair. Feel classic cuts like the pompadour, the quiff and the slick again. But be cautious: as described, if you consistently locate your self deflecting why-the-extensive-confront jokes from buddies, the included loft these sorts of variations bring to the table probably is not accomplishing you any favours.

Mid-Century Insanity

Menswear may possibly have been undergoing a 1990s revival for the last handful of decades, but exactly where hair is concerned, it is all about the 1950s. From tremendous-tight fades with polished side partings to lazily brushed again pomps, these throwback cuts are dominating barbershop chatter. It is no speculate: they’re fashionable, timeless and brimming with rock ‘n’ roll mind-set.

Routine maintenance & Styling

Holding a mid-length slice wanting its most effective needs a great deal of homework, but it all commences in the barber’s chair. Get some strategies and tips from the qualified cutting your hair about how greatest to retain your style. They’ll give you precise advice based on your hair style and the style you’ve picked. Frequently speaking though, you will have to have the adhering to: a vented brush, a good blow dryer, pomade or wax (based on the complete you want), some sea-salt spray and a comb.

It’s also critical to make common journeys to the barbershop to maintain items in examine. This way you will just need a fast trim and tidy every time instead than obtaining to get the whole issue completed from scratch after a number of months of expansion.

Critical Medium-Length Hairstyles For Males


The Elvis. An icon of the 1950s and a stone-cold common ever considering the fact that. The pompadour is a timeless mid-size type that offers some serious loft. Ordinarily, extended hair on leading of the head is brushed up and again at the entrance to create a substantial swept-back quiff. The sides are slightly shorter and brushed back again behind the ears to a issue at the again of your neck. For a modern day variation, have on it with a fade or an undercut rather.

Free Quiff

Equivalent in design and style to the pompadour, the loose quiff is a further mid-size type with a fringe swept up and away from the brow. The crucial distinction is in the size at the prime and the fact that the quiff is looser and normally aspect-swept. Hair must be longer on the top rated than the back and sides so that the entrance can be pushed up off the deal with and styled loosely to the aspect. The again and sides are tapered, pale or shaved and worn disconnected.

Wavy Mop

Popularised by the likes of Timothée Chalamet and Dev Patel, the wavy mop is a laid-back again, classy slash that centres around texture, volume and duration. Not as well very long, not way too limited, it is a primary case in point of that Goldilocks territory a good mid-size trim inhabits. It satisfies thick, wavy hair greatest but if yours is thinning then sea-salt spray is your close friend.

Natural Mid-Length Afro

Guaranteed, you could go down the ultra manicured route, but from time to time trying to keep items organic is the way to go. Just seem to the likes of Donald Glover for evidence of that. This model shows off your purely natural hair although preserving the back and sides in check out with a slight taper. For very best success, generally visit a barber that specialises in afro hair. Design it in spot with a touch of pomade and a great blow dryer.

Slick Again

The classic slick again is the rogue of the mid-duration hair earth. If you see an individual sporting it in a motion picture, you know straight away they are the villain, and but there is nonetheless one thing we like about it. Assume of it as a reduced-profile pompadour. The hair is prolonged and styled back in considerably the same way, but flat to the head as a substitute. Put on it very long on the sides or convey it up to date with an undercut or disconnect.


Braids have been an evergreen craze in modern many years, and the design really dates again centuries in a variety of cultures. Extra recently, the likes of Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky and Lewis Hamilton are among the individuals reviving the type. Have on them unfastened, messy or near to the head with cornrows or a exceptional sample your barber can style.

Side Portion

A classic aspect parting with small again and sides is absolutely timeless, but there’s one thing a tiny little bit stuffy about it. Putting on it free and laid back again keeps the design alive and up to date for the 21st century. Hair ought to be longish on top and loosely combed into a facet parting using your fingers to end it off. On the back and sides, a taper is the evident alternative for mid-duration, but a fade can add a contemporary edge.

Straight And Layered

For good, straight hair, this is the fantastic alternative. At virtually shoulder duration, this John Wick-authorised style is unquestionably at the lengthier end of the mid-duration hair spectrum, but it’s lower servicing. The hair is worn in a unfastened middle parting and can both dangle straight down or be tucked guiding the ears. Include levels for depth and texture, while maintaining styling goods to a bare minimum.

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China’s ‘ghost cities’ may not be completely doomed

China’s ‘ghost cities’ might not be entirely doomed | Fortune

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Learn Java, an easy and in-demand programming language

Not only are there always career possibilities for Java expertise, but now you can discover them conveniently and promptly with out getting off from your job.

Graphic: Wright Studio/Shutterstock

Java is so adaptable and popular that it is probably to be one of the leading programming languages in the earth for quite some time to come. It also comes about to be a preferred of Android application builders. Of system, a major explanation for all of that is for the reason that it is really so a lot much easier to understand than some of the other programming languages. So, if you’ve dreamed of possessing a properly-paid tech career, but assumed programming is over and above you, The Quality Java Programming Certification Bundle will debunk that strategy in limited order. It will not only train you skills but also you how to breeze through career interviews.

You never will need any prior expertise or knowledge, and you can expect to be shocked by accurately how a great deal you’ll understand in the hour of lectures in “Java Foundations.” This course is a crowd most loved, and pupils rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars. Although that is not abnormal for classes provided by Zenva Academy. The enterprise is a top rated e-mastering system, and developers about the globe transform to it for the most advanced competencies education.

Subsequent up is the thorough system, “Total Java Tutorial Step by Step—Become a Programmer,” which is precisely developed for novices, as perfectly. It will acquire you from the essentials to qualified abilities, which include the Android platform, and present what you need to confidently tackle job interviews. Then “Java Programming: Find out Main Java & Increase Java Abilities” will give you plenty far more practice in numerous arms-on assignments, as well as 50 coding physical exercises, as will “Java: A Entire tutorial from ZERO to JDBC.”

“Clear Code with Java illustrations 2021” teaches you principles that will really use to other purposes, these kinds of as Python, C# and PHP. If you want a deep dive into Android application development, the “Complete Java Masterclass—Become an Android App Developer” is all you need. Soon after “Introduction to Algorithms in Java” teaches you item-oriented programming, “Java Job interview Thoughts: Details Buildings and Algorithms” covers highly developed job interview questions.

Because you can educate at your possess speed, you may be implementing for new work opportunities ahead of you know it. You would greater commence examining out the best resume and job interview recommendations.

You should not pass up this opportunity to go from Java amateur to skilled so you can change to a valuable new tech profession. Seize The Top quality Java Programming Certification Bundle now when it is really readily available for just $29.99 (generally $1,600).

Rates matter to change.

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5 Of The Coolest Cars You’ve Never Heard Of

In the world of great autos, most men and women will know about the significant boys like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. But if you’re just after a thing glamorous and complex that’ll have people craning their necks in curiosity, then these 5 lesser-acknowledged autos – a numerous mix of mentor-builds, tuner cars and big-spending budget OEM styles that by no means actually hit their stride – continue being rare and very particular.

Fisker Tramonto

Fisker is a model that’s been at the periphery of the mainstream for many years now, launching together with Tesla around a decade ago with its own eco-helpful saloon and more a short while ago, a stylish electric SUV. On the other hand, Fisker’s been all over for really a good deal lengthier, starting off out with this spectacular lower-volume coach-develop back in 2007. These preliminary styles have been created beneath the wing of famous automobile designer and corporation founder Henrik Fisker, the genius powering Aston Martin’s Vantage and DB9, as nicely as the Tesla Design S, ironically.

Still it was this Tramonto that was his initial foray exterior of the OEM environment, generating a auto primarily based on a Mercedes SL roadster that highlighted bespoke bodywork with a gorgeous new design and style. This rare V8-run roadster could possibly not have the instantaneous kudos of a Porsche or Mercedes, but it is developed on the standing of one particular of the world’s most celebrated motor vehicle designers, and executed to a regular you’d anticipate of this sort of prominence.

Alpina Z8 Roadster

BMW’s Z8 Roadster has been experiencing a sure wave of recognition in the latest years, but whereas the original never pretty created sense as a bundle – with its peaky M Division V8 engine and manual transmission – BMW tuner Alpina took the notion and made it its personal.

Alpina ditched the normal powertrain and replaced it with a torquier version of the exact same 4.4-litre V8 engine as nicely as an automated transmission. The chassis was also retuned to be extra comfy and forgiving, all of which extra up to a offer that was more about cruising than blasting down a mountain road – accurately what its seems to be recommended and its clients wanted.

Touring Superleggera Sciàdipersia

Touring Superleggera is an Italian coach-make corporation in a similar style to Fisker, but exactly where the latter’s prominence rested on its eponymous founder’s title, Touring Superleggera is created on a long time of experience. This Italian establishment was the company responsible for developing icons like the Aston Martin DB5, inventing the extremely-light-weight ‘superleggera’ building strategy in the system.

Possessing been dormant for many years the model is back, turning fashionable supercars into really reduced production masterpieces for some incredibly wealthy customers.

The Sciàdipersia is just 1 of its new models, designed to be a extended-legged GT coupe dependent on Maserati’s Gran Turismo. It functions totally bespoke bodywork with a unique glimpse, dominated by an aesthetic that references both the earlier and upcoming.

One important element is the chrome perform. Though not unusual on modern-day vehicles, what you see listed here is serious polished aluminium or chromed steel. Out there as equally a coupe and convertible, if you want your GT a phase or two up on the speciality scale, it’s really hard to be extra specialised than this.

Eunos Cosmo

Mazda isn’t ordinarily a brand you’d affiliate with glamorous, slicing-edge and expensive GT vehicles, but throughout Japan’s monetary growth in the 1980s and 1990s, it was the native suppliers who were pushing the boundaries. The most bold of all was Mazda, launching several new brand names with plenty of technological developments to back again it up.

The most amazing was arguably this, the Eunos Cosmo. The name Cosmo experienced been made use of prior to, located on Mazda’s first ever rotary-engined car back again in the mid-1960s, but the 1990s Cosmo took factors up a notch, introducing the 1st and only triple-rotor motor that was also twin-turbocharged, and currently being the initially auto in the globe with electronic satellite navigation available by a touchscreen.

With out any recognisable badging, the Eunos Cosmo really is an enigma of the automobile planet – and well-saved variations are proving this with values skyrocketing for all those who recognise its brilliance.

Venturi 300 Atlantique

Venturi was a French supercar company of the 1980s and 1990s that aimed to rival Porsche and reduced-amount Ferraris, culminating in its last generation: the 300 Atlantique. This mid-engined V6 sports automobile experienced all the numbers to rival present-day Porsches, all through a time when the 911 was nonetheless fairly crude. Ferraris of this period had been no superior, becoming difficult to drive each individual day, however the Atlantique differentiated by itself by creating the idea of the everyday supercar.

Only six ideal-hand-push cars and trucks were ever made, generating it particularly scarce in the Uk, and while it may possibly deficiency the outrageous structure of rival Ferraris of the working day, its clear and complex appear garner lots of admirers in the contemporary period. Even far better, you are not likely to ever run into one more just one, and to some that sort of exclusivity is the major luxury of them all.

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It’s time to get off Windows and SQL Server 2012 (or run them on Azure)

The only way to get extended support for 2008 versions of Windows and SQL Server is in the cloud. Here’s why you should be thinking about 2012 migrations now as well.

Image: Shutterstock/Khakimullin Aleksandr

The release of Windows Server 2022 is a good reminder that older versions of the OS will be losing support and security updates soon, along with older versions of SQL Server. But if you’re prepared to move workloads to the cloud, you get a little more flexibility.

SQL Server remains a significant workload for Windows Server; the 2022 release can support up to 48TB of RAM and 2,048 logical processors per physical server, specifically for SQL Server. So if you’re still running Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2, it’s probably for a SQL Server 2008 workload. Not only are all three of those long out of extended support but they’re about to stop getting Extended Security Updates too.

SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 stop getting ESUs on July 12, 2022, with Windows Server 2008 and R2 security updates ending on January 14, 2023, so you need to be planning now for how you will deal with upgrading or migrating those workloads.

If you’re still running SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2, you have a little more time to plan ahead for upgrading. Extended support for SQL Server 2012 (including the R2 version) will also end soon, on July 12, 2022; Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 extended support goes away on October 10, 2023.

At that point, you can pay for Extended Security Updates, which include critical and important patches, critical updates for SQL Server and access to support if you have an active support plan with Microsoft. They’re distributed through the usual update channels, like Windows Update and WSUS.

SEE: Checklist: Server inventory (TechRepublic Premium)

ESUs for SQL Server 2012 and 2012 R2 will be available to purchase from April 2022 (so you know you won’t miss any security updates when extended support stops). ESUs for Windows Server 2012 and R2 can be bought from July 2023.

ESUs are an expensive way of sticking with the older versions after the end of extended support. You have to have at least one month of Software Assurance or an Enterprise Agreement with subscription licences, you buy ESUs in in 2-core packs for SQL Server and 16-core packs for Windows Server 2012 and you’ll be paying 75% of the licence cost for the latest version of SQL Server and Windows Server (not the version you’re still running), just for the first year. For the second year, you’re paying the same as the licence cost for the current versions and 125% of that licence cost for the third year.

The pricing escalator there is to discourage organizations from clinging to older versions, because each year you only pay for the servers you need; so the sooner you upgrade, the fewer servers you have to pay for at the next tier each year. You can’t keep the price down by delaying: You can start using the ESUs in year two or year three—but you’ll have to pay for the previous years even though you weren’t taking the updates.

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You can buy ESUs for the Enterprise and Standard Editions of SQL Server 2012 and R2; you can’t buy them for Express or Developer editions but if you’re already paying for ESUs you can apply them to those editions (and they’ll get ESUs if you run them in Azure). If you have a passive secondary server for failover from a production SQL Server workload (like a VM that’s ready to go but not running), you can buy ESUs just for the production workload but also use them to keep the secondary up to date in the VM. If you have development or test servers licensed under Visual Studio or MSDN subscriptions, you can apply the ESUs you buy to those without needing to pay extra.

Whatever edition you’re running, make sure you have the latest service pack applied or you won’t be able to install the ESUs. You will have to use online servicing (or audit mode) to apply ESUs; you can’t do it with DISM and offline servicing. And you’ll be stuck on older versions of System Center. There are only a few scenarios that can be managed with System Center 2016 on these older workloads, although the latest release of Configuration Manager can deploy ESUs to them.

Ready to upgrade

Organizations on such old versions aren’t likely to jump all the way to the brand new version of Windows Server. But they should be considering at least Windows Server 2019, which supports SQL Server 2016 and 2017 and gives you new options like running SQL Server in containers (although only the Linux version, as the Windows Container support for SQL Server never made it out of beta. There’s a list of everything that’s new since Windows Server 2012 here.

You also have the option of running SQL Server as an evergreen database service on Arc, on your choice of infrastructure, managed from Azure; that way you can avoid future big bang upgrades entirely.

Windows Server 2016, 2019 and 2022 support in-place upgrades from Windows Server 2012 or later, as long as you’re running a 64-bit version (because there are no 32-bit version of Windows Server 2016 and later). So if you’re on Windows Server 2008, you’ll have to upgrade to Windows Server 2012 first and then to your target version of Windows Server; from 2008 R2 you can upgrade to 2012 R2 and then your final version.

For roles other than running SQL Server, it’s worth checking the matrix of which server roles can be upgraded from Server 2012 and which will need to be migrated to new hardware running the new OS. For instance, Microsoft recommends that all domain controllers should be running at least Windows Server 2016 and in-place upgrades are not recommended; instead you need to set up a new server and promote that to domain controller.

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Azure first, upgrade later

If there’s a compelling reason not to upgrade your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to something newer, the cheapest way to get extended support is to run them in a virtual machine on Azure, where you get free ESUs for three years after extended support ends.

If you move your 2008 or 2008 R2 workloads to Azure, you can get an extra year of free ESUs, taking you to July 12, 2023, for SQL Server 2008 and R2, and to January 14, 2024, for Windows Server 2008 and R2.

For SQL Server and Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2, you’ll get free ESUs on Azure until July 12, 2025; Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 extended support goes away on October 10, 2026.

If you move any of these SQL Server and Windows Server workloads to Azure VMs, ESUs will be enabled automatically so you don’t have to do any configuration. But if you want automated patching for SQL Server, you need to register the VMs with the SQL Server IaaS Agent extension.

Migrating to Azure also lets you take advantage of other services, like Automanage. You can run standard Azure VMs or use the dedicated host, VMware or Nutanix options if that’s what you’re migrating from.

But moving your workloads to Azure doesn’t mean you have to move them into the public cloud: You get the same free ESU deal if you run Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure Stack, whether that’s Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack Edge or Azure Stack HCI, all of which can run on your own hardware and on your own network. You do have to do a little extra work downloading SQL Server ESUs from the Azure portal but you don’t have to pay for those continuing security updates, and you get the extra year of coverage for the 2008 and 2008 R2 products.

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