5 ways to unclog your toilet


We have all found ourselves in the awkward position of finding out that the sewer is clogged. The water starts to come out, forming a pond, while at the same time there is a bad smell. Nightmare! Fortunately, there are 5 ways to unclog your toilet quickly and easily! Soda is your ally! If it persists call Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

Read how to make a sewer blockage with soda and it will look like a toy! In order to be able to unclog the sewer, you must first understand what made it clogged. Every day, various papers, soaps, bristles, leftovers, leave the sinks, showers and washing machines to end up in the sewer. The result is that the sewer is clogged and the water has no way out. It is a very common problem, often due to poor sewer construction, but don’t worry about that.

5 ways to unclog your toilet

1.Baking soda and vinegar

You’ll need:

1 pair of rubber gloves

Or cup of baking soda

2 cups vinegar

1 pot of boiling water

Put baking soda (about half a cup) on the sink drain. Then heat some vinegar (about a cup) and carefully pour the hot vinegar over the soda. The combination of the two ingredients causes foaming and fumes. Allow the mixture to act for half an hour and then turn on the tap to run plenty of water. The same procedure applies to the disassembly of the sink and bathtub. Let the vinegar and baking soda work for another thirty minutes, then pour hot water into the toilet. Do not bring the water to a boil this time, however, as the boiling water reacts with the mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

2. Boiling water

This method of obstruction is mainly used for slightly clogged drains. Boil an amount of water equal to a jug. You’ll need:

1 – 4 liters of boiling water

1 pair of rubber gloves

Paper towels or rags

T-shirt with long sleeves and long pants

To reduce the risk of burns, be sure to wear protective clothing and gloves and check that you can lift the boiling water without difficulty before attempting to drop it. Place rags or napkins around the toilet bowl to catch any leaks. Then aim at the bottom of the toilet and pour the water in a slow and steady stream.

Then gradually and in small quantities (about one cup at a time) empty the hot water into the drain. Allow a few seconds to pass between loads so that the water acts until the next drain. This way you can disassemble sinks, sinks and bathtubs. You can also apply it at intervals as a precautionary measure to block your drains.


3.Salt and baking soda

When the problem is due to the accumulation of fat and grease, use a mixture of salt and baking soda. The mixture consists of half a cup of table salt and half a cup of baking soda. Place the mixture in the sinks and leave it for 20 minutes to act. Then pour a jug of boiling water and leave it overnight. Salt, soda and hot water create a chemical reaction that acts as a blocker. In the morning let enough tap water run to remove residue from the pipes and then you can use it normally.


4. Unclog the toilet with a dishwasher

Dishwashing liquid is not just for dishes. You can use it for toilet cleaning or for flushing, too.The liquid acts as a lubricant to expel anything that clogs. This method is non-toxic and natural. It is worth trying to flush the toilet down before moving on to more complex solutions.

You’ll need:

½ – 1 cup of dishwashing liquid such as Dawn or Palmolive

1 pair of rubber gloves

1 bucket of hot water

Pour the dishwashing liquid into the toilet and let it sit for at least twenty minutes. Then carefully pour the water into the toilet bowl. If the water does not recede, wait until the water level recedes before continuing. Repeating the procedure several times may be necessary to flush the toilet.

5. Unclog the toilet with Coca-Cola

Do not go far, look in your fridge! Coca-Cola goes through stubborn layers and mineral deposits. Like vinegar, Coca-Cola is acidic, making it a powerful toilet flush.

You’ll need:

1 bottle of Coca-Cola

1 pair of rubber gloves

1 bucket of hot water

Put on the gloves and throw the whole Coca-Cola bottle in the drain. Let it sit overnight. The next morning, flush the toilet and flush the toilet. Repeat if necessary. Make sure the water is clean at the end to prevent corrosion of the pipe.

A clogged sink can be a huge problem especially for a household. The inconvenience that such a common plumbing problem can cause is great if you let the problem go, so if you need help call Αποφράξεις Αθήνα. But if you catch the problem in the beginning, there are 5 ways to unclog your toilet in natural ways quite simple and effective.

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