8 tips for better washing machine performance


The washing machine, no matter how good it is, Επισκευή service πλυντήρια, if we do not know the basic rules of washing and do not use the right detergent, the result will be to have clothes with changed color. Also, the fibers will be damaged more easily, knots will be created and do not be surprised if taking a sweater out of the washing machine has turned into a much smaller size.

The modern and demanding rhythms of everyday life do not give the luxury of plenty of time, as a result of which we look for fast and easy ways to cover our daily obligations. 24gr is always there to help you repairing your washing machine, if you need it. Washing clothes and laundry is one of the most time consuming procedures, especially if you have a family. However with some smart tips you can make your life a lot easier and – most importantly – save valuable time.

1. Smart wash

What you need to do step by step:

  1. You separate the unwashed ones based on the color. Only when you are in a hurry use a color trap. So white, dark and colored are special. Of course, light colors can be washed with white as they usually do not fade.
  2. You look at the labels of the clothes and you do not shake your head. If a garment needs dry cleaning you will destroy it even if you wash it by hand.
  3. In order for the whites not to brown, we wash them at a high temperature so that they clean properly and deeply.
  4. Underwear, wool, silk and generally delicate are washed in the program for sensitive that includes cold water, less turns and no spin.
  5. Cottons, towels and sheets can withstand high temperatures but it is good to wash them yourself.
  6. We always wash the very dirty clothes (from mud, blood, etc.) on their own so that they clean thoroughly.Do not forget to use a measuring cup of liquid soap or a measuring cup of powder, tablet or liquid for salts and emollient.
  7. Do not overfill where the washing machine tub does not go as it can be damaged over time.

2. Be careful with the products you use

Detergent and fabric softener are definitely necessary to keep your clothes clean, soft and fragrant after each wash.However, they can cause bacteria to grow in the washing machine, causing the appliance to start smelling unpleasant. This “side effect” occurs more often in recent years, as low temperature programs are used more and more often, to prevent the slightest wear of clothes, but also to save electricity in washing. As soon as odors are created in the washing machine, they will start to pass into your laundry and thus it will stop exuding cleanliness.

However, you can easily keep odors away from your device and your clothes. All you need to do is follow the tips below, which will ensure that the washing machine will always remain clean and healthy.

3. Dry the appliance after washing

Each time the washing machine is finished, make sure to dry the parts that have moisture left. Wipe the door and the “drawer” of the detergent-softener with a soft and dry cloth. Especially if your washing machine is front-loading, do not neglect the door hinge, thoroughly cleaning the crease at the bottom, where there is always a small amount of water left.

4. Always leave the door open

Bacteria grow in dark and humid environments, such as your bin once you take out freshly washed clothes. Therefore, after you “get” the moisture with a cloth, you should not close the door. Instead, it should be left open on a permanent basis, like the detergent “drawer”, to ventilate the inside of the appliance.

5. Take off your clothes as soon as the program ends

Be sure to put in the washing machine when you are sure that you will be home as soon as the program is over, to take the clothes out of the bin immediately. Otherwise, the humidity of the clothes, with the washing machine door closed, is an “ideal recipe” for the growth of bacteria. Another reason to empty the tub immediately is that your clothes will not wrinkle too much when washed. Therefore, you have a double motivation not to start washing e.g. before you go to work or before you go to bed.

6. Pay attention to the dosage of the detergent

Instead of giving you better cleanliness, too much detergent can cause a lot of problems with your appliance and your clothes. First of all, it is possible that at the end of the program it is not completely dissolved and therefore a percentage of it remains in the bin, thus causing the development of bad breath.

If you abuse the detergent, its residues can also begin to accumulate in the pipes of the appliance, increasing the risk that not all the dirty washing water will pass into the drain, but part of it will return to the appliance. A scenario that, of course, also favors the growth of bacteria.

7. Take advantage of the high temperatures for disinfection

Use a high temperature program frequently to thoroughly clean the tub and piping. Preferably choose a program of 90 degrees Celsius, or generally with a temperature of not less than 60 degrees Celsius, adding a very small amount of detergent and, of course, without putting clothes in the washing machine.

The frequency with which you should use this appliance “maintenance” program depends on the number of washing machines you install. So, you have a family and you wash often, then it is good to use it once a month. If you wash more often, such a program of high temperatures every two months is enough.

8. Consider the position of your washing machine

The shaking of the washing machine may seem normal but it is not. Of course there will be vibrations during its operation, but in no case should they move the washing machine from its place. Make sure that your washing machine is installed correctly, because, in addition to the appliance, you can even damage the floor if vibrations are possible. Each washing machine is equipped with legs, the height of which can be adjusted. Even if the original installation was correct, it may need to be re-adjusted over time. 24gr can always help you with that and with every other service!

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