Behind the scenes: A day in the life of a database administrator

Here is a glance at how a person database administrator collaborates with his coworkers, encouraging evaluate information, strategizing with enterprise leaders and primary teams at do the job.

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Kevin Kline started out his career at NASA, as section of the crew that created the h2o recycling process in the Worldwide Room Station. He was 1 of the few persons functioning on the Oracle databases. Again then, he claimed, it was 128 megabytes. “We imagined that databases was enormous—and infinitely enormous,” he mentioned.

Now “Head Geek” at SolarWinds, Kline assists clients with business architecture, IT management competencies, troubleshooting and adopting very best practices for exceptional database general performance monitoring, on-premises and in the cloud.

Right after NASA, Kline was hooked on data. “I cherished the complete facet of details. A person point that is truly neat is that even if the software that you are applying is revised, or a new variation is launched, or even if it can be cancelled, if you have the details, you still have almost everything that’s beneficial to you.”

Facts is not “this summary detail that only exists in the ether,” he explained. “It is this serious factor that improvements and enhances people’s lives. And so which is when I resolved to seriously target not just on crafting code, but what is the details? What does it signify, it tells a tale? And can we interpret that story to go from there?”

A DBA is a 2nd vocation for most, Kline . He himself labored as a developer for 6 a long time soon after higher education, and numerous of individuals close up as program admins, or persons who administer and construct servers. Currently being a DBA was not a thing colleges trained for, at that time. It can be why there are never ever enough DBAs, still, he stated.

Kline acquired a lot of of the needed competencies on the job. Back then, around 1994—after his stint at NASA—you couldn’t just get online courses to do it. But, fortunately, his corporation funded his training.

In some ways, the task of a database administrator is very similar these days to what it was in the before times. “Now, we’re ready to do things more immediately, we’re capable to automate a ton of things,” he claimed. Also, his job is a lot more interpersonal than men and women could possibly consider. 

“The DBAs are continuously meeting with various teams within just the organization,” he stated, these types of as dev groups, to figure out how to style the ideal databases. “We assist style and design the small business logic, wherever that logic resides, regardless of whether it’s inside the databases, in saved treatments, or maybe it can be exterior the databases and apps or now with the cloud—it could be in points like Azure Features or you know, some kind of micro services or some thing like that,” he said.

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So his perform covers a large amount of time “grooming” distinct databases and consulting with business enterprise leaders, Kline . Figuring out what occurs if the server crashes, how to get well info, for instance, “so we never ever drop much more than 10 minutes of info,” he reported. There are all types of concerns, such as how a great deal to expend on hardware. 

“It form of feels like a negotiation, when in simple fact, it is definitely you advising them what their present-day decision implies,” he said. “And then probably they adjust their choices by the course of action of dialogue.”


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Kline grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, in close proximity to the Marshall Place Flight Center and the US Army Redstone Arsenal, where by the army missile programs are designed. As a kid in the 1970s, his dad was a laptop engineer at Boeing, and they experienced a Commodore 64 at home, which he stated “was a rare thing again then.” By the time he was in substantial school, he could plan in Fortran. His classmates had mom and dad doing the job for NASA or the ISS or on Hubble.

In school, he took database style and figured out SQL. He even sent his master’s thesis in to a journal, and had it revealed as a book—the e-book was about “Oracle’s new shift from character-method devices to this fancy new working procedure referred to as Home windows.”

He uncovered that “the authentic worth is not just that you happen to be placing knowledge into a database, it is really the details that you get out of it, you know, knowledge is not automatically useful in and of alone. It’s when you combination the info and, and form of massage it into a thing that is useful,” he claimed.

“What I discovered to be most enjoyment about being a DBA is that you can enable the company people today realize and extract price from the info that they gathered,” Kline continued.

Kline desires to help new DBAs, with all of the new selections that are out there. “Now we have all of these unique, not just SQL dependent databases, like SQL Server and Oracle, and MySQL and PostgreSQL. But we also have all of these, like MongoDB, and Cosmos DB and Cassandra. Every single a single of them has sweet spots where they execute truly effectively, so you have to understand at least the fundamental principles of those. And then we have all varieties of unique programming paradigms,” he stated.

In his latest purpose, Kline thinks of himself as “that friendly, cool, young aunt, or uncle, that would pull you aside, you know, and they’re like, ‘Your mothers and fathers want you to do all the things, but we’re gonna notify you about the genuine environment below,'” Kline claimed. 

Kline does webcasts to enable share this understanding. “I feel [about] all of these lots of yrs of practical experience as a DBA, as a developer, as an Enterprise Architect, and I give that again to our community, commonly in website posts, and webinars with tons of demos. So I however hold my coding techniques sharp, and knowledge of the databases, and so forth.”

On a regular day, he’s having care of items like backups, corruption checks, and preventative servicing, Kline explained. And meeting with buyers to determine out the finest option for what’s coming.

“And most DBAs invest a large amount of time firefighting,” he included.

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