Living room decoration ideas

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Living room decoration ideas

Are you looking for something different to decorate your living room? You need smart ideas, interior painting and design solutions for an impressive and economical result.

If you feel the need to renovate your home, then most likely you should start from the living room. The living room is the room where the whole family gathers, where you have fun, where you sit with friends or relatives. It is also the place where you relax, do things alone or where you fall asleep at night when you are very tired.

The decorative elements are good to express you and match your style and personality. This way you will feel beautiful, creative and calm in your home, this is the meaning of personal space!


You can choose and make your own combinations according to our proposals for the decoration of the living room, but always with your taste and your needs!

We have found for you key proposals, which in simple ways will really transform your living room.


A rug can literally change the style of your living room. During the winter months a rug with a high pile or wool is considered ideal. Recent trends, however, also suggest summer rugs made from cooler materials such as cotton or the popular jute (fiber), for the decoration of your living room. Choose a color that contrasts with your floor and a design that matches the overall style of the space, for example classic or modern.

And don’t forget, an effective way to define areas in your living room is to use rugs!


The sofa is definitely the furniture that dominates in your living room and perhaps the most favorite after your bed. If along with the renewal of your living room you think of changing a sofa, now is the time for the wonderful sofa you were looking for. Think seriously about the three most important factors before buying it: Comfort, materials and style.

Throws & pillows for sofa

If you already have a nice sofa that you enjoy using, you can easily renew it with throws and pillows, warm or cool depending on the season.


Another matte move in the renewal of your living room is to stick wallpaper on a wall that you consider suitable. Behind the sofa or next to a coffee table, it will give depth and depending on the theme (nature, stone or wood), the feeling will be unique and completely new.

The wallpapers are now 3D and really fascinating in a modern house!


When you are wondering what to put on the walls of your living room, always keep in mind that a table can make a difference in the whole house. A work of art expresses your style and personality. So choose carefully the paintings that you will put, as it is a very strong element in the decoration of your living room. Surely you will not remember now a painting that was once given to you as a gift, and that does not match your taste in art at all!


How the lighting diffuses in your living room is another important issue and certainly the basic ceiling light does not bring you spectacular results. In the living room you need soft lighting from different places, with floor lamps and table lamps. Giving the importance that suits the lighting of your living room, a new space will be created in front of your eyes.

If you equip your living room with the “right” lighting, the space automatically acquires style and atmosphere!

Bergera – Stool – Coffee table

A small new piece of furniture in your living room is a decorative touch that you should not leave unexploited. A wonderful burger by the fireplace, or a stool and a modern coffee table is enough for a refreshing air, full of style, in your living room!

Colour – Painting the walls

Finally, if you want to renew your living room in a creative and economical way, change the color of the walls or paint one of them differently, for example behind the sofa or the TV console or where you think it will make a difference by giving depth, style and positive energy. Do not forget that green is the new gray, and we recommend you to use it without fear!

Also, enhancing your creativity, you can paint a piece of furniture with chalk paint, a very popular technique nowadays in New Jersey, which gives an excellent result!

You can also decorate your living room, equipping it with new curtains that will take off to the maximum the feeling of renewal of your living room, adding other decorative elements, such as decorative baskets, poufs, frames, mirrors and maybe a wine cellar!

What mistakes to avoid

It is very important to avoid some common decorative mistakes:

  • The size of the rug in your living room is very important, as a very small rug will ruin the overall image of your stylish living room.
  • The patterns on the throws, pillows, curtains should match the general style of your space.
  • The geometry of the space must give harmony, with a clear center and logic sofa, table, armchair etc.
  • The position of the TV should be in front of you and at eye level, without having to raise your head to see. A common mistake is to place it over the hearth of the fireplace.
  • Do not fill your living room with furniture if there is not enough space. Your living room should “breathe” and feel light in it.

Now that you know how to decorate and paint your living room, what to equip it with and the mistakes you should avoid, start immediately studying your space! You will soon create your own oasis of calm, creativity and energy in your living room, with an elevated mood of renewal that will surely last for a long time.

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8 tips for better washing machine performance


The washing machine, no matter how good it is, Επισκευή service πλυντήρια, if we do not know the basic rules of washing and do not use the right detergent, the result will be to have clothes with changed color. Also, the fibers will be damaged more easily, knots will be created and do not be surprised if taking a sweater out of the washing machine has turned into a much smaller size.

The modern and demanding rhythms of everyday life do not give the luxury of plenty of time, as a result of which we look for fast and easy ways to cover our daily obligations. 24gr is always there to help you repairing your washing machine, if you need it. Washing clothes and laundry is one of the most time consuming procedures, especially if you have a family. However with some smart tips you can make your life a lot easier and – most importantly – save valuable time.

1. Smart wash

What you need to do step by step:

  1. You separate the unwashed ones based on the color. Only when you are in a hurry use a color trap. So white, dark and colored are special. Of course, light colors can be washed with white as they usually do not fade.
  2. You look at the labels of the clothes and you do not shake your head. If a garment needs dry cleaning you will destroy it even if you wash it by hand.
  3. In order for the whites not to brown, we wash them at a high temperature so that they clean properly and deeply.
  4. Underwear, wool, silk and generally delicate are washed in the program for sensitive that includes cold water, less turns and no spin.
  5. Cottons, towels and sheets can withstand high temperatures but it is good to wash them yourself.
  6. We always wash the very dirty clothes (from mud, blood, etc.) on their own so that they clean thoroughly.Do not forget to use a measuring cup of liquid soap or a measuring cup of powder, tablet or liquid for salts and emollient.
  7. Do not overfill where the washing machine tub does not go as it can be damaged over time.

2. Be careful with the products you use

Detergent and fabric softener are definitely necessary to keep your clothes clean, soft and fragrant after each wash.However, they can cause bacteria to grow in the washing machine, causing the appliance to start smelling unpleasant. This “side effect” occurs more often in recent years, as low temperature programs are used more and more often, to prevent the slightest wear of clothes, but also to save electricity in washing. As soon as odors are created in the washing machine, they will start to pass into your laundry and thus it will stop exuding cleanliness.

However, you can easily keep odors away from your device and your clothes. All you need to do is follow the tips below, which will ensure that the washing machine will always remain clean and healthy.

3. Dry the appliance after washing

Each time the washing machine is finished, make sure to dry the parts that have moisture left. Wipe the door and the “drawer” of the detergent-softener with a soft and dry cloth. Especially if your washing machine is front-loading, do not neglect the door hinge, thoroughly cleaning the crease at the bottom, where there is always a small amount of water left.

4. Always leave the door open

Bacteria grow in dark and humid environments, such as your bin once you take out freshly washed clothes. Therefore, after you “get” the moisture with a cloth, you should not close the door. Instead, it should be left open on a permanent basis, like the detergent “drawer”, to ventilate the inside of the appliance.

5. Take off your clothes as soon as the program ends

Be sure to put in the washing machine when you are sure that you will be home as soon as the program is over, to take the clothes out of the bin immediately. Otherwise, the humidity of the clothes, with the washing machine door closed, is an “ideal recipe” for the growth of bacteria. Another reason to empty the tub immediately is that your clothes will not wrinkle too much when washed. Therefore, you have a double motivation not to start washing e.g. before you go to work or before you go to bed.

6. Pay attention to the dosage of the detergent

Instead of giving you better cleanliness, too much detergent can cause a lot of problems with your appliance and your clothes. First of all, it is possible that at the end of the program it is not completely dissolved and therefore a percentage of it remains in the bin, thus causing the development of bad breath.

If you abuse the detergent, its residues can also begin to accumulate in the pipes of the appliance, increasing the risk that not all the dirty washing water will pass into the drain, but part of it will return to the appliance. A scenario that, of course, also favors the growth of bacteria.

7. Take advantage of the high temperatures for disinfection

Use a high temperature program frequently to thoroughly clean the tub and piping. Preferably choose a program of 90 degrees Celsius, or generally with a temperature of not less than 60 degrees Celsius, adding a very small amount of detergent and, of course, without putting clothes in the washing machine.

The frequency with which you should use this appliance “maintenance” program depends on the number of washing machines you install. So, you have a family and you wash often, then it is good to use it once a month. If you wash more often, such a program of high temperatures every two months is enough.

8. Consider the position of your washing machine

The shaking of the washing machine may seem normal but it is not. Of course there will be vibrations during its operation, but in no case should they move the washing machine from its place. Make sure that your washing machine is installed correctly, because, in addition to the appliance, you can even damage the floor if vibrations are possible. Each washing machine is equipped with legs, the height of which can be adjusted. Even if the original installation was correct, it may need to be re-adjusted over time. 24gr can always help you with that and with every other service!

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How to tell if you have rodents in your house?

how-to-tell-if-y…ts-in-your-house/ ‎

How to tell if you have rodents in your house?

If you are living in the countryside, you might have noticed some unwanted guests Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– in your house, including mice and rats. This is highly unpleasant let alone dangerous for your health, as mice carry a lot of disease on them because they are traveling through sewers and dirty water. Especially if you have children, you need to find a way to remove them from your property.

We are here today to give you some advice on how you can determine if you have rodents in your house. We hope that you will find this advice helpful and our solutions effective. Keep reading as we are going to dig in the topic of rodents.

Where do mice and rats live?

You might think that rodents are creatures of the countryside because of their size and nature. But you are wrong. Rodents such as mice and rats can be found in cities too, despite the crowded places and noise. They travel through sewers and rivers and they can get into an apartment even easier than a house.

If you live in a large city such as New York, new Orleans, Paris, London, Boston etc., you might notice rats in the dumpsters or casually crossing the streets. They are attracted by smells and rubbish so be careful not to live any near your house. The extermination crews Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς– are really popular in these cities.

how-to-tell-if-y…ts-in-your-house/ ‎

Signs of unwanted visitors

Let’s get to the signs that you need to notice in your apartment or house in order to find out about these unwanted creatures. You will need to be careful and have a look in every corner of your house just to be sure about their whereabouts.

Gnaw marks

Gnaw marks are little or bigger signs of rodent teeth. Rats will of course create larger marks on your furniture, house structure or boxes of food, while mice will create smaller ones due to their size. You will also need to determine the age of the marks so that you know for how long you have had them in your property.

Older gnaw marks are lighter in color and they will become darker as they age. The size will also help you determine if you have rats or mice and even both. Of course, if you had smaller marks and now you are noticing larger, it means that the infestation Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη is continuous and you have not only mice but rats too.

Rodent droppings

This is the easiest hint that mice and rats will -literally- drop you. The droppings can be found basically anywhere in your house but most importantly in dark places with humidity. Search for droppings in your house or apartment and observe their size and color. We know that it is not the most pleasant thing, but you will understand the type of rodent and the period of time it has been in your house.

If the droppings are grey-sh and dry this means that they have been lying there for a long time maybe longer than a week or two. When you find only light colored and ashy droppings, this means that the rodents have been in your house for a while but maybe they are gone now. So you will need to perform a deep clean in your house just to get rid of the droppings and you are good to go.

When rodents are present in your property, you might find moist and dark colored droppings. This means that the rodents are currently there so you need to take action immediately. You should also check your sewers -Αποφράξεις Αγία Βαρβάρα- or near them for droppings too.

Runway marks

The marks that are located in your floor and walls can help you see if there are rodents in your house. Get a flashlight and light up your floors, stairs and patio. If rodents have been in your house you are going to see marks of urine, footprints or droppings. These stains get more faint as time passes so you are going to need to do this as soon as possible.


Of course if you will find a nest, rodents have definitely been in your house. Nests are usually found in dark and quiet places of your house. Rodents are using materials like paper, cardboard, dirt and maybe fabric to create a nest. If you happen to have a foul odor in your house then it is probably coming from the nest.

There might be food or dropping in the nest too. Keep an eye for insects like ants or cockroaches that are likely to lead you to the nest. You can also check your basement or storage units for any shredded cardboard boxes.

How to get rid of the rodents

There are some issues that might arise when you have rodents in your house. From destruction of your house and furniture, to major health issues and food poisoning. Let alone the odors! If you are looking for ways to get rid of the rodents try the following:

Install traps

Mice traps can help you see if you are having them in your house. Put a small amount of cheese as bait and leave the traps around your house. If you are having rodents in your house you will either see the cheese missing or find a mouse in the trap when you check it. It is also better to use traps that trap the mice and don’t kill them so that you can free them and not have them lying in your house.

Call an exterminator crew

An extermination crew will help you get rid of the mice for good. Make sure that they are certified and that they are using safe repellents so that you and your family are safe from poisoning. If you are having rodents every year, you could schedule an annual extermination to be sure that you will not have any mice in your house again.

They will examine your plumbing system too and inform you if the rodents are coming from there in case you live in an apartment.

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