How to install Webmin on Rocky Linux

With Webmin, you can improved secure and handle your scenarios of Rocky Linux. Jack Wallen walks you through the approach of receiving this world wide web-dependent resource up and working.

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Webmin is a good instrument for admins new to Linux. With this web-primarily based admin system, you can take care of just about everything you will need, such as protection issues this kind of as SSH configuration, process updates, support management and more. With distributions these types of as Rocky Linux (a 1:1 RHEL binary appropriate running program), Webmin is not bundled in the conventional repositories, so you are going to need to have to soar by way of a pair of hoops to get it up and working. 

Note: Rocky Linux does include the website-primarily based management instrument Cockpit however, Cockpit is just not approximately as extendable as Webmin, nor does it present the safety possibilities in Webmin. You can constantly use both equally for even additional operation.

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What you can need to have

To get Webmin mounted, you may will need a running occasion of Rocky Linux and a user with sudo privileges. 

How to set up the important dependencies

To start with, we will have to have to choose care of the dependencies. Log into your Rocky Linux occasion and concern the command:

sudo dnf set up wget tar perl -y

The moment the dependencies are put in, you’re completely ready to set up Webmin.

How to install Webmin

To make this perform, you’ll will need to down load the latest model of Webmin with the command:


When the file has accomplished downloading, unpack it with the command:

tar xvf webmin-current.tar.gz

Make a new listing for Webmin with:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/regional/webmin

You need to have to find out what variation of Webmin has been downloaded–do that with the ls command. You should really see a new directory named webmin-XXX (where by XXX is the launch amount). With that range in hand, you can now operate the put in script with the command:

sudo ./webmin-XXX/set /usr/nearby/webmin/

Exactly where XXX is the launch range.

The installer script will question the next thoughts:

  • Config file directory [/etc/webmin]:

  • Log file listing [/var/webmin]:

  • Comprehensive path to perl (default /usr/bin/perl):

  • Web server port (default 10000):

  • Login title (default admin): Identify

  • Login password: PASSWORD

  • Password again: PASSWORD

  • Use SSL (y/n): y

  • Start Webmin at boot time (y/n): y

Where by Identify is the username you want to use as the Webmin admin and PASSWORD is the password you may use for that login. 

Outside the house of the Login name/password, acknowledge the defaults for all of the thoughts.

Lastly, open up the firewall with the commands:

sudo firewall-cmd --incorporate-port=10000/tcp --long lasting
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

How to access Webmin

Open a web browser and place it to https://SERVER:10000 (where by SERVER is the IP address or area of the Rocky Linux server). Given that Webmin takes advantage of a self-signed SSL certificate, you are going to have to take the risk. As soon as you do that, you may be offered with the login window. Use the qualifications you designed through set up. Upon successful authentication, you can locate oneself on the main Webmin website page (Figure A), exactly where you can start out administering your Rocky Linux server.

Figure A


Webmin has been successfully put in and is prepared to help make your Rocky Linux admin occupation even easier.

And that is all there is to finding this potent, web-primarily based admin system up and operating on Rocky Linux. You can now just take control of the protection of that working method and lock it down accurately as you want.

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