How to save and delete messages in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a helpful feature that enables users to “help save” messages in a larger thread so they can immediately refer again to the items later on. Find out how to use this concealed Microsoft Teams feature.

Microsoft Groups
has a multitude of great tools that make distant collaboration much easier. Unfortunately, a good deal of those functions are not as apparent to locate and use as they need to be.

For instance, when you “help you save” a concept in a Microsoft Teams chat or non-public dialogue, what you happen to be really doing is bookmarking a single part of a thread. There’s no genuine saving going on at all—if someone deletes that concept, or the total thread, afterwards on, it can be long gone from your bookmarks as properly. 

Preserving a concept would not build a backup copy or even isolate that single post—it virtually just provides you a further way to refer back to one thing critical for as extended as a record of it lives in your organization’s Microsoft Groups cloud storage. So, though it truly is not without limits, conserving (or bookmarking) messages is however a very handy device, and here’s how to do it.

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In Microsoft Teams, uncover a conversation you want to remember, like the message demonstrated in Determine A reminding me of an crucial due date. You can also see in Determine A wherever I moused over the message to deliver up the emoji menu, as very well as the further products that are demonstrated when I click the a few dots. Underneath people dots is the Conserve This Information option. Click on that and the information will be saved.

Figure A

In Microsoft Teams, clicking Help save This Information will bookmark that specific entry.

Discovering your saved messages is a whole other challenge, and even though it can be not hard to do, it can be confusing if you don’t know exactly where to glimpse. 

On the best ideal of the Microsoft Groups application, you may see your profile picture—by default, it truly is just a silhouette (Figure B). Clicking on that silhouette brings up your particular options menu, under which you may come across Saved things. 

Determine B


In which to uncover your saved objects in Microsoft Groups

Clicking on Saved can take you to a record of all the messages you’ve got saved, both equally personal and from crew chat. When you simply click on the merchandise you want to see, it will open the entire thread, but the particular concept you’ve saved will be highlighted in yellow, which will fade following a few seconds (Determine C).

Figure C


Microsoft Teams: The saved objects display screen

You can scroll through the entire thread listed here, and clicking on the saved product will bounce you again to that element of the thread, so you are going to under no circumstances eliminate your position.

Deleting a saved product is straightforward, and there are two strategies to do it. 1st, you can go to the listing of saved messages on the still left facet of the Saved display and click the purple bookmark, which will take out it from your saved merchandise in a solitary simply click (Figure D). 

Determine D


Microsoft Teams: A single way to delete a saved merchandise

2nd, you can go to the original information you saved, both in the saved window or the concept thread exactly where it originated, and hover around it to deliver up the emoji menu yet again. Click on the moment much more on the a few dots and the Save This Concept alternative will instead say Unsave This Message. Click on that and it will be deleted (Determine E).

Figure E


Microsoft Groups: The other way to delete a saved merchandise

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