How to use 3 PowerPoint animations to wow your audience

Make your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation additional enjoyable by making use of these animations.

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The short article, How to use shade in a PowerPoint slide to emphasize details, reveals 3 very simple means to use coloration when emphasizing information. We all know that text are quickly neglected, so contemplate employing quick ways to emphasize information so your viewers will keep in mind what’s important. In this write-up, we’ll continue what the first short article started I will display you a few straightforward ways to emphasize info making use of straightforward animations.

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I am applying (desktop) Office environment 365 but you can use before variations. You can abide by alongside with the downloadable .pptx demonstration file. (The demonstration file also has the slide from the linked write-up.) This report assumes you have primary PowerPoint abilities, these as inserting AutoShapes and applying attributes. Not all of the animations are available from the browser, but the browser will participate in them in an existing exhibit, whilst you may discover refined differences.

How to make an arrow pulsate in Microsoft PowerPoint

An arrow is significant to all of us—it pulls our awareness straight to the qualified stage. Even far more highly effective is a pulsing arrow. By introducing an easy animation to an arrow AutoShape, we can make the arrow transfer a little bit. For illustration, we are going to increase a pulsing arrow to the left of the item Get rid of bodyweight. 1st, we will need an arrow:

  1. Simply click the Insert menu.
  2. Simply click the Shapes dropdown in the Illustrations team.
  3. Pick out a proper-facing arrow and insert. Resize if necessary.
  4. Click the contextual Condition Structure tab and choose Crimson from the Shape Fill dropdown to structure the arrow in Figure A.

Figure A


  Insert a ideal-experiencing pink arrow.

At this stage, you have a slide with a number of text goods and a crimson arrow. The subsequent phase is to animate that arrow, and it truly is much easier than you may possibly assume for the reason that PowerPoint has a pulse emphasis animation. To use it, do the adhering to:

  1. Pick out the arrow.
  2. Click the Animations tab and click the gallery’s Extra button (the down triangle at the gallery’s appropriate border).
  3. In the Emphasis section, click on Pulse.
  4. To make the arrow pulsate regularly, we have to have to established a timing choice, so display the Animation Pane (if essential, by clicking Animation Pane in the highly developed Animation group).
  5. Double-click the Arrow: Suitable 2 animation and simply click the Timing tag in the resulting dialog.
  6. From the Period dropdown choose 1 Seconds (Rapid).
  7. From the repeat dropdown, decide on Till Up coming Simply click (Figure B). Relying on the influence you’re likely for, Right until Close of Slide may be a lot more ideal.
  8. Simply click Ok.
  9. If you want the animation to be automated, pick out With Preceding from the Start out dropdown (in the Timing group). Usually, you will have to simply click to induce the animation.

Determine B


To see the arrow pulsate, press Change F5. The pulse is refined, but it undoubtedly operates. Now, let’s glance at our second procedure: Circling an merchandise.

How to circle an product in Microsoft PowerPoint

Generating the arrow pulsate was uncomplicated, but now let’s appear at a system that seems to be extra tough, but genuinely is just not. We are going to animate a circle to encircle an product. Initially, insert an oval AutoShape around the Purge closet item. With the oval selected, use the contextual Condition Format tab to established the Form Fill to very little and the Shape Outline coloration to purple and the excess weight to close to 3. Now, let’s set the animation:

  1. Click the Animations tab.
  2. From the Animation gallery, select Wheel in the Entrance segment. PowerPoint’s preview will give a fast clearly show!
  3. From the Result Alternatives dropdown, you can see that 1 Spoke is the default. That implies one ongoing line begins from major center, to the appropriate, all-around and back to the top center. Pick out a number of other spoke solutions to see the variation, but return it to 1 Spoke just before continuing.

Run the clearly show by pressing Shift F5 and simply click. We ought to simply click to see the circle and stop the arrow. When the arrow stops pulsating, PowerPoint starts off the circle animation (Determine C). Future, let’s look at a teetering arrow.

Figure C


Use a wheel result to animate encircling an product.

How to make an arrow teeter in Microsoft PowerPoint

Our past animation will exhibit an arrow to attract awareness to the last product about maintaining superior documents. This just one permits for the most variation, so really don’t quit with this basic case in point. Experiment with replacing, resizing, flipping, and even applying the arrow to pull two merchandise jointly.

Very first, insert an arrow AutoShape–precisely, the Arrow: Curved Down solution. Drag to dimensions and situation so that the arrow is close to the very last item. Now, let us insert some animation.

We will not want the arrow obvious right until we are all set for it, so simply click the Animations tab and choose Fade from the Entrance part. Set the Start off home (in the Timing team) to Soon after Previous. Carrying out so will conceal the arrow until finally right after the circle animation is comprehensive. 

Now, let’s include a next animation to make the arrow teeter a little bit. With the arrow continue to selected, simply click the Incorporate Animation dropdown (in the Sophisticated Animation group, do not use the gallery). From this dropdown gallery, decide on Teeter from the Emphasis area. Then, set the Begin house to After Former (it is not going to teeter right until it is really obvious). Double-simply click the Arrow: curved animation (the final in the record in the Animation Pane) and click the Timing tab. Opt for Until finally Following Simply click from the Repeat dropdown.

Figure D exhibits all a few animations in slide check out. There are four animations: The to start with two items demand only 1 animation every. The teetering arrow requires two: Fade and Teeter.

Figure D


The three outcomes need 4 animations.

When you operate the exhibit, the red arrow will pulsate until eventually you simply click. Then, the oval will encircle the closet merchandise. When that animation completes, the teeter one particular will kick in. As is, the teetering arrow is my minimum beloved, but I think it would be an superb way to relate two merchandise (which I haven’t accomplished listed here). I employed On Simply click and Just after Past Start choices so you can see how they perform. You’ll commonly use a person or the other except you have some customized animations with some fascinating timing results.

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