Living room decoration ideas

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Living room decoration ideas

Are you looking for something different to decorate your living room? You need smart ideas, interior painting and design solutions for an impressive and economical result.

If you feel the need to renovate your home, then most likely you should start from the living room. The living room is the room where the whole family gathers, where you have fun, where you sit with friends or relatives. It is also the place where you relax, do things alone or where you fall asleep at night when you are very tired.

The decorative elements are good to express you and match your style and personality. This way you will feel beautiful, creative and calm in your home, this is the meaning of personal space!


You can choose and make your own combinations according to our proposals for the decoration of the living room, but always with your taste and your needs!

We have found for you key proposals, which in simple ways will really transform your living room.


A rug can literally change the style of your living room. During the winter months a rug with a high pile or wool is considered ideal. Recent trends, however, also suggest summer rugs made from cooler materials such as cotton or the popular jute (fiber), for the decoration of your living room. Choose a color that contrasts with your floor and a design that matches the overall style of the space, for example classic or modern.

And don’t forget, an effective way to define areas in your living room is to use rugs!


The sofa is definitely the furniture that dominates in your living room and perhaps the most favorite after your bed. If along with the renewal of your living room you think of changing a sofa, now is the time for the wonderful sofa you were looking for. Think seriously about the three most important factors before buying it: Comfort, materials and style.

Throws & pillows for sofa

If you already have a nice sofa that you enjoy using, you can easily renew it with throws and pillows, warm or cool depending on the season.


Another matte move in the renewal of your living room is to stick wallpaper on a wall that you consider suitable. Behind the sofa or next to a coffee table, it will give depth and depending on the theme (nature, stone or wood), the feeling will be unique and completely new.

The wallpapers are now 3D and really fascinating in a modern house!


When you are wondering what to put on the walls of your living room, always keep in mind that a table can make a difference in the whole house. A work of art expresses your style and personality. So choose carefully the paintings that you will put, as it is a very strong element in the decoration of your living room. Surely you will not remember now a painting that was once given to you as a gift, and that does not match your taste in art at all!


How the lighting diffuses in your living room is another important issue and certainly the basic ceiling light does not bring you spectacular results. In the living room you need soft lighting from different places, with floor lamps and table lamps. Giving the importance that suits the lighting of your living room, a new space will be created in front of your eyes.

If you equip your living room with the “right” lighting, the space automatically acquires style and atmosphere!

Bergera – Stool – Coffee table

A small new piece of furniture in your living room is a decorative touch that you should not leave unexploited. A wonderful burger by the fireplace, or a stool and a modern coffee table is enough for a refreshing air, full of style, in your living room!

Colour – Painting the walls

Finally, if you want to renew your living room in a creative and economical way, change the color of the walls or paint one of them differently, for example behind the sofa or the TV console or where you think it will make a difference by giving depth, style and positive energy. Do not forget that green is the new gray, and we recommend you to use it without fear!

Also, enhancing your creativity, you can paint a piece of furniture with chalk paint, a very popular technique nowadays in New Jersey, which gives an excellent result!

You can also decorate your living room, equipping it with new curtains that will take off to the maximum the feeling of renewal of your living room, adding other decorative elements, such as decorative baskets, poufs, frames, mirrors and maybe a wine cellar!

What mistakes to avoid

It is very important to avoid some common decorative mistakes:

  • The size of the rug in your living room is very important, as a very small rug will ruin the overall image of your stylish living room.
  • The patterns on the throws, pillows, curtains should match the general style of your space.
  • The geometry of the space must give harmony, with a clear center and logic sofa, table, armchair etc.
  • The position of the TV should be in front of you and at eye level, without having to raise your head to see. A common mistake is to place it over the hearth of the fireplace.
  • Do not fill your living room with furniture if there is not enough space. Your living room should “breathe” and feel light in it.

Now that you know how to decorate and paint your living room, what to equip it with and the mistakes you should avoid, start immediately studying your space! You will soon create your own oasis of calm, creativity and energy in your living room, with an elevated mood of renewal that will surely last for a long time.

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