The 5 bags every woman should own

The 5 bags every woman should own

You know how women usually have a soft spot for shoes, clothes or bags– gynaikeies tsantes ? And then they want one of each because they need to pair them with the rest of their clothes? This is what happens when a woman sees a new bag. Which are the 5 bags every woman should own?

She thinks that she does not have any other bag like this one and when she purchases it and when she gets it home, she realizes that she is not going to wear it more than 5 times max. This way she has just spent money on something that she is going to give away at her daughter, friends or donate it some day.

And the worst thing is that she keeps the bags for years in her closet because she believes that on some special occasion or something this forgotten bag will come in handy. But it won’t. So this is why we are going to talk about the 5 bags every woman should own.

A casual day bag

This first one is on top of the list for a reason. Everyone needs an everyday bag that can be used either for your errands and runs to your workplace or your casual strolls. This has to be a bag of good quality, as it will accompany you almost every day.

Choose a neutral color according to your everyday clothes so that your looks are put together. If your clothes are colorful then you should opt for a white or black bag, but if you are wearing clothes of a certain color palette then choose accordingly.

Your everyday bag should not be a clutch or a tiny one as you will probably need to carry many things with you, so it is better if you opted for a backpack , a tote or a crossbody bag.

A big tote

If your everyday bag we mentioned before is a tote then you could either get a more fancy and formal version of a tote or choose another style of bag like a structured leather bag or a handbag.

A big, oversized tote bag is what you need for your leisure activities. Your coffee breaks, walks or movie theater nights. It is large and fits a lot of things, so it is kind of a multi-use bag that you can even use when traveling.

Its size allows you to carry documents, your computer, lunchbox and basically everything you need to have with you. This is why it is great if you are traveling a lot or if you have children. This oversized tote will not let you down and if you choose one of a good quality, it will last for many years.

An evening clutch or small purse

The evening clutch or small purse is something that should not be missing from any woman’s wardrobe. Even if you are not the type of girl that goes out in restaurants or cocktail bars and generally places that require a more formal dress code, a clutch should exist in your life.

Think about it, it is a small, basic little bag that you can easily carry around. You can choose a monochromatic one without many embellishments. This way you can wear it if a special occasion like a wedding or a formal dinner comes up.

It is better to be prepared than look to borrow one at the last minute. And who knows? Maybe if you have it in your closet you will find the urge to go out at a club or fancy restaurant!

A leather bag

Leather bags have been one of the most classic pieces in the history of fashion. They come in many sizes, colors, shapes and styles and with the appropriate care they can last for decades. A leather bag should not be missing from any woman’s wardrobe, simply because of its classic feel.

Now the color of it depends on your preference and your clothes and shoe collection. If your clothes range from white and grey shades then a black or grey bag is what you need. If your clothes involve shades of brown, camel leather bags are what you should be looking at. And so on, you get the point.

If you are vegan or simply do not like the idea of a leather bag in your arms, you should always opt for a different material such as faux leather or suede and fabric. 

A colorful bag

If you are one of these women you are always dressed in dark colors or even only in black clothes then this last category is especially designed for you. You should give a little color to your looks because trust us it will make you feel better.

If your clothes colors range from white to brown and Frey you could try a yellow or orange bag. Red, green and camel are other interesting color choices as far as a colorful bag is concerned. Spice your everyday looks with some color and impress your friends and family!

Overview for The 5 bags every woman should own

In our opinion, women should not spend a lot of money on many different bags. If you want to be covered for any occasion and event, then our guide on “The 5 bags every woman should own” will definitely help you.

Choose 5 pieces that will accompany you from your everyday looks until the most formal occasions! Just make sure to be careful and pair the color of the bags to the color range of your clothes.

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