Zergo Freedom review: An impressive ergonomic and programmable keyboard

Uncover out if Jack Wallen likes the Zergo Flexibility ergonomic keyboard even more than the Best Hacking Keyboard.

Figure A: The two halves of the Zergo Independence keyboard.

Graphic: Jack Wallen/TechRepublic

Some ergonomic keyboards are full of gimmicks that do little to serve the objective of preserving your wrists and digits from repetitive tension accidents, even though others arrive severely shut to perfection. For me, the Top Hacking Keyboard (UHK) is the ideal combination of type above perform, and it would consider a wonder of a keyboard to pull that UHK out of my palms. And though the Zergo Flexibility keyboard failed to rather reach that seemingly unattainable purpose, it did occur rather near.

The fantastic keyboard is extremely subjective, and muscle mass memory tends to perform from makers and designers. When I initial adopted the Final Hacking Keyboard, it took a incredibly hot moment for my fingers and brain to get in sync with a person another but once that happened, it was pure magic. Typing was amazingly at ease and efficient. And presented how significantly I style on a every day foundation, the styles of strokes and distance of keys turned deeply ingrained in my muscle memory. Because of that, migrating to a different keyboard is a huge problem.

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The Zergo Independence came dangerously near to usurping the Supreme Hacking Keyboard, and that is a testomony to how effectively this keyboard is made. And for any developer, author, or admin who suffers from the risk of wrist soreness because of to the regular pounding of keys and who hasn’t uncovered that ideal keyboard, the Zergo Liberty could be the ideal piece of components.

What is the Zergo Flexibility keyboard?

The Zergo Flexibility is a break up-style keyboard with a good deal of cable to individual the two halves as significantly apart as your wrists will need (Figure A). Quite a few ergonomic keyboards present such a function.

The Zergo Flexibility also contains eight legs (a single on each and every corner of each individual half), so you can tilt each side of the keyboard to properly fit the requires of your fingers and arms (Figure B). This is a single of the exceptional features to the Zergo Flexibility, as most ergonomic keyboards only include tenting legs on the inside corners, which restrictions the angles you can build for your keyboard.

Determine B


The “tenting” legs of the Zergo Flexibility make it effortless for you to angle the halves independently. 

Image: Jack Wallen/TechRepublic

The entertaining will not close there.

The Zergo Flexibility examined the wrist pad predicament and arrived up with a one of a kind function: You can possibly choose to go with wrist relaxation pads that encompass the overall lower part of the keyboard, or you can use the smaller sized pads that skate about as you transfer your fingers (Movie A). This is a excellent choice for those people who experience standard rests reduce their palms from relocating freely about the keyboard.

Online video A


Programming macros and keys

This is another spot where by the Zergo Liberty outshines most of its competitiveness. In contrast to most keyboards of this mother nature, the Zergo Liberty would not need software package for the programming of keys and macros. With the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, you will have to put in the UHK Agent in get to application or configure the keyboard, and sometimes the Agent is very seriously flaky or is not going to even operate.

With the Zergo Freedom, all the things is on board. For example, to swap among Windows and macOS layouts, press and maintain the Still left Num Change + Left FN Change + Del, mix for 5 seconds. To duplicate a macro, press and hold the Left Num Shift + Left FN Change + F2, for two seconds. To toggle the Correct Alt critical double tap selection, push and maintain the Still left Num Change + Remaining FN Shift + F8 mix for two seconds. 

For additional programming alternatives, examine out this handbook web page. This is a welcome adjust, as so several keyboard programming equipment are poorly created and executed. The Zergo Independence nails this to perfection. 

The caveat

When the muscle memory in your fingers has presently settled on a keyboard structure, it can be a obstacle to get them to acclimate to something new–this is specifically real when the explained layout is a really serious departure from the norm. This was the situation with the Supreme Hacking Keyboard, as the cursor keys and delete essential have been replaced by a critical mix applying a Mod key. Immediately after a week or so, I grew accustomed to how the Best Hacking Keyboard functioned, and it grew to become very productive. Now just after months of use all other keyboards are much too inefficient for my demands.

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The very same holds accurate with the Zergo Liberty. The critical that confounded me the most it was the Enter essential. Alternatively of this important remaining in its typical location, it was on the left half, opposite the house bar. And the Backspace critical is above the spacebar. These shifts in major keys prompted really serious confusion with my fingers. Granted, like with the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, presented plenty of time, my fingers would get accustomed to the new format. And with the Swap Macro, it is attainable to swap any two keys on the keyboard, so with a little bit of perform, you could lay the keys out to superior fit the way you operate.

My conclusion

No keyboard is established equivalent, and to conclude one keyboard superior around one more would be a little bit shortsighted. Though the Top Hacking Keyboard is the perfect hardware for me, it could not be for you.

In the long run, a keyboard boils down to crucial placement and journey. With the Zergo Freedom’s capability to swap keys, severely extraordinary key vacation, and an astounding make high-quality, if you’re ready to drop the $339 for a customizable keyboard, the Zergo Freedom may well properly come to be the savior of your wrists and your fingers.

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